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Living room chair

living room chair
Type: CJG 2000
Bought in: 1994
The backrest was made longer for me. A rehabilitation company has adjusted the shape of the backrest for me.
The chair is mechanically simple. In 2008, the gas spring for the back rest broke, and I was able to replace it myself.
The bill (in dutch) is in my records.

In 2019 I still have this living room chair.

Car seat

This is my car seat, placed at the passenger side.
car seat
Brand of seat: ASS
Type: 603 with extra long back
Bought in: 1993
The company that installed the seat has lengthen the restraints for the headrest a lot, to make it suitable for my length. I have filled the space between the headrest and backrest and upholstered it with the same fabric as the chair.
Someone made a different chassis for the chair, so the chair was lowered, and I had more space for the height.
In the picture you see my car seat at the passenger side in a Nissan Micra. The car seat is placed in this car without a frame. Because otherwise I could not fit in it.
The original shape of the backrest was bad for my back. First I tried to fix that with polyether foam, but that was very difficult. The polyether foam was pressed in, when I sat on the seat, and that changed the shaped.
So I removed the polyether foam, and I used underlay to create the shape. By using many layers of underlay, glued over each other, I was able to make a good shape, which is okay for my back.
The bill (in dutch) is in my records.

In 2012 I bought a second special adapted car seat for the driver's seat.
The car seat is also of the brand ASS. It is not a standard car seat, but this car seat was specially made for someone with a particularly long backrest. I could buy his car seat for a small amount.
I also adapted the shape of backrest of this car seat, so it supports my back in a better way.

Garden chair

garden chair
Brand: Hartman
Type: Ambassador Vario SL
I often take this garden chair with me, when I go to a doctor or a medical examination. The back of the chair reaches the top of my shoulders, and is therefor far too short to let my head rest on it.
I changed the shape of the back. The back was curved, and I removed the curve as much as possible. With a paint burner I gently warmed the plastic and added a weight of a few pounds to the backrest, so that the shape changed slightly. I placed the paint burner in a clamp, and after ten minutes the plastics began to soften. I covered the parts that were not supposed to get hot with aluminium foil.
In 1993 I decided to bring my own chair (in dutch) along. The chair on the photo above is my second chair.

In 2018 I still have the Hartman plastic garden chair.
It weighs about 6 kg, which is a lot to carry for me. So I decided to make a carrying belt to be able to carry the garden chair myself if needed.

The carrying belt is somewhat elastic, so my walking movement is absorbed by the belt.
garden chair with carrying belt garden chair with carrying belt

I extended this wooden garden chair:
extended garden chair
As far as I know, there are no chairs with a backrest suitable for my length.
In the summer I sometimes sit outside, and sometimes I would like to rest my head, so I have extended backrest. When the chair is in the lying position, I let the back rest against a wall and place a garden bench underneath it, to prevent the chair from falling backwards.
The part that I put on the backrest, is the seat of another wooden garden chair.

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