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Plastic spine

plastic spine
I bought this plastic spine to understand my health problems and my x-rays (in dutch) better.
It has really helped me to understand them better.

Electric toothbrush

electric toothbrush
It might seem a very simple adjustment, but for me an electric toothbrush is much less stressful for my neck than a regular toothbrush.
For everyone with neck problems, who is still using a normal toothbrush, I can recommend an electric toothbrush.


I always use a headset with a phone. If I have to hold the phone with one hand, then my neck is stressed on one side. In my opinion it is bad for everyone to hold a phone with one hand for a long time.
For me, a headset with two speakers is better. Due to my neck problems I am often dull, and with two speakers I have less trouble with the conversation.
Because my voice is not very clear, I don't use a headset with a noise-canceling microphone, because then people often don't understand me.
A phone with "hands free" or "speaker phone" could be useful, but I have problems with those, because only one person can talk at a time (except for some expensive phones) and I have to make more effort to speak clearly.

For a long time I used a phone that I tampered together. In the picture below you see a phone, an amplifier and a headset (which is unfortunately with one speaker).
The amplifier is meant to be able to use a regular headset, which can also be used on my computer. This way I don't have to use a special headset that are used with phones.

The photo below shows a phone with a connector for a headset.
panasonic phone
I was not able to properly set this phone for me. However, inside the phone was a chip which was programmable by use of the keypad of the phone. I therefor was able to set the volume for the microphone louder. So I could use this phone after all.

I thought a dect phone with headset would do.
wireless phone
But with the phone above, I had the problem again that people don't understand me, because my voice is not very clear.

In 2016, I only use a cell phone. It is reasonably okay, although some people don't hear me very well.

Board for reading and writing

Board for reading and writing
To read or to write something while sitting at a table, I have to bent my neck too much. So I sought the most simple way to make a board for reading and writing. The simplest solution was a board with a clamp. And it does work very well.
Sometimes I stick a paper to the board with adhesive. I use writable adhesive, because that is easy to remove.

Rollerball pen

I don't use a pen a lot, because I have to bent my head during writing. But if I write something, I prefer a rollerball pen (also called roller, roller pen, roller ballpoint). These pens write a lot easier and need only a very little force against paper to write.
A roller ballpoint uses a water based ink or a gel ink, and therefor they write very easy. Some are not waterproof, but others have ink that is immediately dry after writing and are waterproof after just a few seconds.

Stainless steel plates

stainless steel plates stainless steel plate with food stainless steel plate with food
I use these stainless steel bowls as plate.
They are cheap, very light in weight, and they don't break when they fall. A brush with some cold water is often enough to clean them for the next meal.

The stainless steel plates turned out to be very handy, and therefor I bought a stainless steel teapot as well. It is a very cheap teapot of 10 euros.
stainless steel teapot

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