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Inflatable neckbrace

Pneumatic neck traction

pneumatic necktraction
Brand: Pronex
The idea is that you lie on your back, with your neck in this device. The bellows rest on your shoulders, and the blue form is pressed against your head. By inflating the bellows, the neck is stretched.
I have used this in the past, and sometimes it did help. But since I have tilt table, I don't use it anymore.
In 2002 I paid over 400 euros for this device.

inflatable neck collar
Brand: TracCollar
Another type of pneumatic neck traction is an inflatable neck-collar. The height of this collar is not high enough for me. It is also quite stiff, and it presses against my head in an unpleasant way.
I bought the TracCollar in 2008 for 120 euros. But if I had ordered it abroad, I would have to pay 60 euros plus import duties.

cheap inflatable neck collar
I bought this inflatable neck collar for 6 euro. It was not high enough for my neck, so I bought two of them and I stack them on each other. I use this neck collar occasionally.
When traveling in a car (as a passenger) I prefer these inflatable collars above my usual neck collar of firm foam.
Once I had them (two stacked on each other) quite tight around my neck, and I choked on some water I wanted to drink. I could not remove the collars in fast way. So that is a disadvantage.
There are good brands of inflatable collars such as the Next Sissel Islander.

The inflatable collar below has 7 layers:
cheap inflatable neck collar with 7 layers
This inflatable collar of 7 layers is made of stiff and thick rubbery material. It is higher than the others. If I however inflatable the collar, then the Velcro lets off.
Because it is made of thick rubber, it doesn't fit well and it is not comfortable to wear. After only just one year the rubber started to become crumbly.
So I have never seriously used this collar.

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