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Devices with shiatsu massage use a flat disc with two half-spheres of different sizes. The disc turns slowly around by means of a motor with a gear.

This is a device with two Shiatsu rotating parts:
inventum mg140
Brand en Type: Inventum MG140
Price: 30 euros.
This Shiatsu massage cushion actually massages.
Because of the shape it is sometimes difficult to massage my upper back.
The build quality is a lot better than the others, it is sturdy and well made.

Below is a shiatsu massage apparatus especially for the neck.
shiatsu neck massage apparatus
The moving and rotating parts stick out too much for me. I could not use it.

This is a brandless shiatsu massage cushion.
shiatsu massage cushion shiatsu massage cushion shiatsu massage cushion
The build quality of the internal part of the motor and the moving rotating spheres seems okay. The quality of the rest is not good, therefor the cushion usage is limited.

This is a shiatsu massage cushion of the brand sanitas.
shiatsu massage cushion shiatsu massage cushion
It is a handy massage cushion.

Below is a shiatsu massage apparatus especially for the neck.
shiatsu massage kussen shiatsu neck massage apparatus shiatsu neck massage apparatus
It massages the neck muscles some. For me it is not enough massage en it is not easy to use.

The massage cushion below can be placed in a chair and the back part has shiatsu massage.
shiatsu back pillow
Brand: Medisana
This back cushion has rotating plastic spheres that move up and down the entire back.
The plastic balls are too hard for my back, so I put a sheet of polyether foam of 2 cm thickness against it.
It feels nice. However, I don't know whether I will benefit from it afterwards. It switches itself off after only 15 minutes. I wish it would turn on as soon as I sit down in the chair and that it turns off when I get up.

Vibrating motors

Devices with vibrating use often a motor and a weight:
vibrating motor

Massage cushion without brand:
brandless massage cushion
These massage cushions can be placed in a chair or in a car seat. But this kind of massage cushions are often not what they pretend to be.
With the massage cushion in the photo the box claims "shiatsu massage action", and inside is a description which mentions a heating element. However in reality there are only three small vibrating motors inside.

Massager with heat:
massager apparatus
Brand en Type: Fitness DR-3
This massager can provide heat and vibration and also both at the same time. It is nice for my upper back, but if I have to hold it myself, I am no longer relaxed.

Electronic muscle stimulation

electronic muscle stimulation
Name: TENS
There are many devices that make muscles contract by electrical pulses. I bought such a device which was designed to massage. Two pads needed to be sticked to the skin, and the electrical pulse goes through that. But it turned out that it can only make the muscles to contract, has it has nothing to do with a massage. It made things worse for me, and it is also quite annoying.

Massage therapist

A good massage therapist turns out to be the best.
My neck problems increased in 2018 because the dentist let my lay more than two hours on the dental chair.
So I tried to find good massage therapist who takes into account my special wishes for my neck problems. Fortunately, I found someone. He comes to my house every week to massage my back and neck. I have cleared some space in my living room where he can put his massage table.
In 2020, he did not massage during the coronavirus crisis. Unfortunately I could notice that, after a few weeks my neck problems had increased.

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