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Central Heating

Central Heating with zones

temperature control unit
When a new central heating unit was installed, a few zones were made. Each zone can be temperature controlled independent of the other zones.
I have now my own temperature control in the part of the house where my bedroom and living room is.
I keep the temperature day and night at 22°C (or higher if my neck problems cause more troubles). Because of the constant temperature, it is easier for me to keep myself warm, so I can cope better with my neck problems.
The gas usage was increased by 10%.
I thought it was something special, not to lower the temperature setting of the central heating during the night. But a study in 2012 showed that 27% of the households in the Netherlands do not turn the temperature of the central heating down at night.
The name of the research: "Residential Energy Literacy and Capitalization."
I raised the temperature in 2012 to 22.5°C, due to increased neck problems.
In 2013 the temperature was set to 23°C.
In 2016 I set the temperature to 23.5°C. That was the lowest temperature that I needed during day and night.
By setting the central heating to 23.5°C, the actual temperature was often 24°C.
central heating temperature setting

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